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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the Chocolate Tour Experience last?

The Chocolate Tour Experience is about 20 minutes.

How much is the Chocolate Tour Experience ?

The cost is $8 US Dollars per person.

Is there a TAX to pay?

It´s included in our prices.

Is it walkable from cruise pier?

We recommend you to take a taxi is about 10 min ride.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes! We are a small chocolate tour business and our space is limited to 8 people per tour so we must request online reservations with pre-payment, in order to provide you the best service!!

If you don’t have any internet access, please call us or text us:

From US: + 52 1 987 116 8993

within Cozumel: 987 116 8993 to check availability.

How far in advance should I make a tour reservation?

For this tour with only 1 hour before the activity will be fine but in high season ( Nov. – April) we recommend 1 day before the tour.

How much is a taxi ride to the factory?

All rates are approximate and subject to change without notice. (rates were given by taxi union)
From Punta Langosta Pier:$ 10 usd from 1 to 4 pp$ 15 usd 5 pp$ 20 usd from 6 to 8 pp
From Puerta Maya or International pier:$ 12 usd from 1 to 4 pp$ 16 usd 5 pp$ 23 usd from 6 to 8 pp
From Ferry Pier:$ 5 usd from 1 to 4 pp$ 8 usd 5 pp$ 10 usd from 6 to 8 pp

What can I do if I can't make it on the Chocolate Tour Experience?

You can still visit our Factory Store!

It features some unique packages that are only selling at our store at Factory Prices!

Is the Chocolate Tour Experience handicap accessible?

Yes. The entire facility is wheelchair accessible. The tour includes a little walking and little seating. There are no stairs involve.

Do you have parking?

There is not a parking , but you can park in the street , in front of our building.

How to get there?

By taxi. Many taxis are parked at the main piers. Just ask one taxi to drive you to our Choclate Factory (KAOKAO) and we will call another taxi when the tour ends.Taxi is a union, and rates can varies depends on the number of persons, the type of vehicle, or/and the origin of where you take it. Cozumel is a small Island, and we are located at maximum 20 minutes driving from any of the following piers:
  • From Puerta Maya pier ( for all Carnival cruise ships)
  • From International Pier (Royal Caribbean)
  • From Dowtown San Miguel Ferry Pier ( Ferries to and from Playa del Carmen)
  • From Punta Langosta Pier ( Dowtown Cozumel)
If you have planned to rent a car or a scooter please use the map in this page to obtain the best itinerary, to arrive easily to our Chocolate Factory.

What happen if my ship doesn’t arrive to Cozumel the day I book the tour?

Sometimes, Cruise Ships change their itinerary due to bad weather in one of the ports they will visit. In that case you can Contact us to reschedule your tour or we can move the date automatically based on the new date the Cruise ship is arriving.

What happens if my ship dock in delay?

In this case, please, please call us or text us (from US: + 52 987 116 8993) (within Cozumel: 987 116 8993) to reschedule your tour. Or you can just show up, usually we know when a cruise ship is late or earlier and we can accommodate you without a problem.

What is your cancellation policy?

We will refund you 100% If your cruise ship doesn’t dock in Cozumel or if you cancel 24hrs. in advance.

If you don´t find the answer to your questions, please contact us:


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